You deserve to enjoy all aspects of life, whether it’s hearing the crackling sound of leaves and twigs under your feet while you’re following the echoes of the Turner Falls waterfall or hearing every word at your daughter’s wedding as people laugh in the background and glasses clink. No matter the reason or the occasion, you should be able to enjoy the sounds around you and with the much-awaited ReSound Link Quattro you can do just that.

ReSound Linx Quattro breaks the mold of traditional hearing aids and brings us all into a new age of hearing and entertainment, allowing you to enjoy all aspects of life in 2020 without being hindered by hearing loss.

Google & Apple Streaming

For the longest time, if you wanted to stream directly from your smart device to your hearing aid, you had to use an Apple product. However, not everyone has an iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV. If you were a fan of Google products, it meant you couldn’t have direct streaming at all. Now with the Linx ReSound Quattro, you can fully stream Netflix, Youtube, or anything else you like directly from your Apple or Android phone. This is all thanks to Google’s latest Bluetooth creation known as ASHA, which breaks down the barriers between Android phones and hearing aids, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Battery Life

We all know that streaming your favorite content is pointless if you don’t have great battery life. That’s why the ReSound Linx Quattro was built with a completely sealed lithium-ion battery, providing a total of thirty hours of battery life without any streaming and up to 24 hours of battery life if you spend half of it streaming.

On The Go Charging

ResSound Linx Quattro
So you’ve been streaming all day and night and you need to get a quick charge? No worries, due to the charging case’s rapid charging, you can get sixteen hours of battery life with just an hour in the case. On top of that, a charging case holds three complete charging cycles before needing to be plugged in.
ReSound Linx Quatttro

he moment you pull the ReSound Linx Quattro out of its case, the hearing aid automatically activates, meaning you don’t need to worry about pushing any awkward buttons, allowing you to have a constant audio connection to the world around you.

Clearer Than Ever

With incredibly powerful microphones, each and every sound is picked up, meaning that you no longer receive overly processed (loud and unnatural) sound, instead of a crisp natural sound. In a blind study, over four hundred hearing aid professionals chose Resound Linx Quattro over other premium hearing aids. The Resound Linx Quattro provides significantly greater sound quality and has a seventeen percent better ability to dictate speech from surrounding sounds. You will experience sound with virtually no limits.

In addition to a clean crisp sound, you’ll experience a wider range of directional understanding when it comes to the sounds around you. This is all thanks to the ReSound Linx Quattro having the highest input dynamic sound range at 116 dB SPL. In layman’s terms, loud sounds will come in more clearly, and soft sounds will be able to stand out from the background sounds. You’ll have extended frequency bandwidth at 9.5kHz, providing a better pool of sounds and balance across many frequencies. Plus you will have a new radio with 5db enhanced signal strength to deliver the best possible sound from whatever you’re wanting to stream.

Complete Control

Resound puts you in charge when it comes to controlling what’s important to you: the sound around you. Whether you are in a bar, restaurant, movie theater, sporting event, or a concert, you can customize your experience by informing your hearing aids where you are through the ReSound Smart 3D app. With just the click of a button, you can change everything, the way your hearing aids adapt to your environment, the range of focus, and you can view your battery life. In addition to that, you can also change your range of sound needed. You’ll be able to narrow the range for one on one conversations and then widen the range for dinner parties. You won’t have to worry about missing out at any event again.

Remote Assistance

Is something feeling off? Maybe your sound isn’t as clear anymore? No worries! With a click of a button, you can reach out to a hearing aid professional at any given moment through the Resound Smart 3D App. Anything that needs to be adjusted can be done remotely. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, nothing can be more convenient. Your hearing can be better than ever in just a few minutes and you won’t have to worry about making it to an appointment during a quarantine.

ReSound App


The Fit

One of the most important aspects of a hearing aid is how well it fits. The Resound Linx Quattro is a little larger compared to other hearing aids, due to its lithium battery. However, it has been designed so that the additional size does not impact the user experience, allowing the device to rest behind your ear comfortably.

Where To Get a Pair

The ReSound Linx Quattro is something we couldn’t be more excited about. We honestly believe you can’t go wrong with this choice. With ReSounds latest hearing aids, you can now enjoy all aspects of your day without your hearing loss taking away from your experiences and interactions with your loved ones. To learn more about Resound and if they’re the right fit for you, give Audio Recovery a call today at (405) 949-1906 to schedule an appointment with our team!