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The Benefits of ReSound Hearing Aids

We offer many brands of hearing aids at our Oklahoma City audiology clinic, but some of our most popular and advanced hearing aids are manufactured by ReSound. ReSound hearing aids have a number of advanced features and benefits to users, and they are widely used by people with many different types and degrees of hearing loss. If you’re thinking about getting a hearing aid in Oklahoma City, you should consider our ReSound models at Audio Recovery.



The Linx2 is ReSound’s most advanced and customizable hearing aid. An improvement over the original Linx, the LiNX2 offers a number of benefits to both the wearer and to friends and family. The LiNX2 offers a variety of style options and many self-programmable features including a variety of sound modes and connectivity options to make life easier.


The Enzo2 is ReSound’s powerful and compact behind-the-ear super-power hearing aid. Designed for users with severe to profound hearing loss, the Enzo2 is both powerful and discreet. It also offers a variety of style options and can interact with other devices such as iPhones, iPads and ReSound’s own Bluetooth and wireless accessories.


ReSound hearing aids have many benefits to users. They combine the best in advanced technology, stylish appearance, and durable engineering to make functional and powerful hearing aids for any type or degree of hearing loss.

  • Many styles to suit your preferences, including behind-the-earreceiver-in-canal and custom-fit hearing aids.
  • Advanced software with the option to enable Binaural directionality and surround sound for increased spatial awareness and sound quality, and a variety of models to suit your needs and usual listening environment from comfortable to challenging.
  • Made-for-iPhone connectivity, which allows your device to seamlessly connect to your iPhoneiPad or iPod to act as a bluetooth headset or headphone and to change programing and settings on the fly through ReSound’s app.
  • Built-in Bluetooth so you can use your hearing aid as a phone receiver or wireless headphone unit with your phone, tablet, or even TV.
  • High-quality materials made with ReSound’s specialized iSolate nanotech technology which repels sweat, water, and other contaminants, meaning you can depend on your hearing aids for a long time without them wearing out or degrading.
  • Compatibility with a variety of accessories including microphones and remotes to increase your capabilities and make life easier.


No matter what kind or degree of hearing loss you suffer from, there is a ReSound hearing aid that can improve your hearing and your life. Schedule an appointment at Audio Recovery today to learn more about our available ReSound hearing aids and accessories as well as models from other manufacturers. Call (405) 949-1906 today, or visit our Facebook page for more hearing tips and advice.