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5 Common Hearing Loss Myths

Our Blog It’s easy to think that hearing loss is a normal part of the human life cycle and that you don’t have to worry about it until you’re past retirement age, but that’s a common misconception.  Approximately 15% of all American adults suffer from some sort of...

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How To Choose An Audiologist in Oklahoma

Our BlogWhen you experience hearing problems, you don’t want to trust just anyone to fix them. It’s important to find the right audiologist to help you deal with your problem and recover your hearing. But how do you know which audiologist is the right one? To help,...

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Signs It’s Time to Get New Hearing Aids in Oklahoma

Our BlogNo piece of technology will last forever. How do you know when it's time to replace your hearing aids? It’s natural to want to hang on to your hearing aids for a while. Besides being a significant investment, hearing aids are also valuable from another point...

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How to Keep Your Independence with Hearing Loss

Our BlogKeeping your independence with hearing loss is possible, it just means taking a few important steps...   When we talk about hearing loss, we often talk about the direct effects - not being able to hear conversations around you, talk on the phone, or...

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Why Men Are More Likely Than Women to Have Hearing Loss

Our BlogLearn why men are more likely than women to suffer from hearing loss and what you can do to protect your hearing.   It might surprise you to learn that, even though men and women have the same ear structure and general hearing ability at birth, men are...

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Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Hearing Loss

Our BlogWhether or not you suffer from hearing loss, there are steps you can take to protect your hearing and help your ears function better. Read more.   If hearing loss runs in your family or it’s already started to affect you, you might think there’s little...

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Types of Hearing Loss in Oklahoma

Our BlogYou should know that not all hearing loss is the same, and different types can have different effects and treatments. Learn more about protecting and recovering your hearing in Oklahoma today.   If you think you might be suffering from hearing loss,...

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How to Deal with Noisy Environments

Our BlogWhen you have hearing loss, noisy environments and busy social situations can make understanding feel impossible. Learn how to handle these situations from our hearing experts.   One of the biggest challenges of hearing loss is trying to hear over other...

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What to Expect from a Hearing Appointment

Our BlogCurious about what will happen during your first hearing appointment? Find out what to expect and how we test your hearing ability.   Do you think you could be suffering from hearing loss? The first step to determining whether you need hearing help is...

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